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American Singers – Red Factors


Due to some new worsening medical issues and my ever increasing age I found it was time for me to reduce my work load with my canary fancy or hobby involvement.  In late Summer and into Fall I reduced my number of American Singer breeding and song competition stock by 50%. Further I do not plan to compete much outside of our club’s Fall October show.  This was a very tough decision to make and it “pained me” to have to eliminate both male and female canaries that I had considered important to my breeding  program.   I will still be trying to breed high quality great American Singers that will be supplied to persons seeking very good singers and my goal will remain great singers for homes seeking quality bred and quality singers as I will still be trying  to improve singing as has always been my aim over the years; but now I will be raising fewer than before.   I DID NOT reduce my numbers in Red Factor canaries and will continue to raise mainly Clear Red/Orange Lipochrome, some variegated, and new this coming year great Red Mosaic specimens.  Hopefully I’ll be able to keep raising for a few more years.
Currently (as of 12/14/16) I still have some 2016 canaries left to place in homes and have slightly reduced the prices to try to “clear the decks” before I begin the 2017 breeding season.   Here’s what I have at this present time:
  • 4 American Singer MALES (2016) @ $80.
  • 1 American Singer MALE (2014)  @ $60.
Note: These have been song trained to sing when bedsheets are removed/lights are brightened and are still individually caged at 11 hrs. of light.
  • 9 American SInger HENS (2016) @ $50.
  • 5 Red Factor Clear Frosted Red/Orange Red Factor MALES (2016) @ $85.
  • 8 Red Factor Clear Red/Orange Red Factor HENS (2016)

Note: All of these are frosted but 1 is intensive.

All Red Factors have been colorfed continuously to bring out their greatest color potential. Pictures of the above are available by clicking here.

Hello from ROGER STROMAN; welcome to my website AND to my fascinating retirement hobby. Someday, if it is your pleasure, perhaps I can personally welcome you to my home in Vermilion, Ohio.

Whether by visiting this website or by visiting the aviaries in my home, I hope you will enjoy what I have to offer. As you will find, I am totally infatuated with these marvelous little songsters, and being retired from the world of work, I get “lost” in the many aspects that canary culture offers.

This is a retirement hobby to which I devote huge amounts of time and energy and from which I derive immense enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Believe me when I say that I go “the extra mile” in trying to supply my canaries with a varied and complete nutritional diet and with meticulous care in feeding and handling.

Starting in the summer of 2008, I had to downsize my hobby due to advancing age and a worsening health related condition; therefore, reluctantly, I eliminated all recessive white canaries but for those who still want an all white (or nearly so) I can offer the counterpart–American Singer dominant whites.

Starting in 2010, I decided to restart my breeding program for Red Factor canaries.  I received new frost foundation stock from Texas in 2010 but did not obtain intensive red males from a New York State breeder/exhibitor until the Fall of 2011.  I now have some excellent stock from which I hope to produce both intensive and frost clear red/orange lipochrome offspring.  Those young will be available for purchase by late summer/early Fall of 2012.  I hope to have some very nice Clear Red/Orange lipochrome for sale to interested persons (on my waiting list first).  These will be colorfed twice (1st time by the parents while in the nest and 2nd, during the so called “baby molt” which occurs at about 3-4 mos. of age.  I do not compete in the shows with my red factors.

Most of my time and energy will be devoted mainly to my real passion and interest in canaries, American Singers.  Each Winter I raise many American Singer young and the best prospects I retain either to use in breeding and/or keep for song competitions which are held in the Fall of each year.  I have gained national recognition for my winnings/placements in those competitions, mainly during the years of 2004 thru 2008.  I did not show or compete much outside of our own show in Ohio during the years 2009 and 2010; but I did compete in four 2011 shows with reasonably good success.  My breeding season runs from late December thru about May 1st.  This is a very labor intensive period of time. Meticulous records are kept on each hatchling and all American Singer young will have 2012 closed traceable leg bands issued by the American Singer Club (national) placed on the legs at about 6 to 7 days of age.

Canary young are normally available for sale (USUALLY TO PERSONS ON MY WAITING LIST FIRST) after the summer molt is completed and then after very accurate sexing has taken place once the males are old enough to sing the true canary song.  This sexing and evaluation of the developing song takes place normally between August 1st and Aug. 15th (daily).  Buyers are summoned to select their stock once preparations here are complete. Again, please note that I do not at this time ship my canaries.  The area post offices in my region will NOT accept shipments of live cage birds (with the exception being poultry is permitted).

I do not compete in any shows with my Red Factor, although my canary stock originated from show persons in each type. Red Factors are in the colorbred (colored print) category and are beautiful to look at. Males sing, of course, but emphasis in their development was on color and not on song. I do have some nicely colored Red Factors that have large bodies and my lines have been reliable in parenting young. I raise both clear lipochrome and variegated and bronze birds. All my Reds are colorfed twice– by the parents while the young are in the nest and also during any subsequent molt that occurs (baby or annual) so that each bird can attain its full color potential.

Even though I enjoy all the different kinds of canaries, my real passion, area of concentration, and interest is on the American Singer Canary. It is this kind of canary for which I am widely known among competition people and also locally among those persons seeking to buy a pet singing canary or foundation stock for breeding. Anyone who has ever heard an American Singer canary sing quickly realizes that this song type canary is a remarkable bird in the songs they produce. Note that this song type canary is truly an American creation and Americans can take all the credit for its development and existence whereas the other song type canaries were all developed in foreign countries. American Singers are a cross between German Roller and English Border canaries. The result is a canary that, if he is a good one, sings with a lot of variety, high and low range notes, great tone quality, and with nice melodious sound. I think they are both pleasing to the ear and to the eye, as they occur in quite a few colors.

Please also, visit my videos where you can listen to some of my best competition males sing, and see if they have something that appeals to you. In closing, my hope is that you will find something here in my website that will assist you in some way or will just cater to your desire to look at what others are doing with these wonderful little creatures. Thank you for visiting my website. Feel free to contact me and let me know if I can assist you further in any way.